Sunday, July 27, 2014

What the Arts Can Do: Engaging At-Risk Youth and the Justice System

How are the arts effective in correctional institutions and rehabilitation? And how can they act as a positive interceptor for at-risk youth before and after they may have entered the justice system? Join Director Meade Palidofsky and participant Angelica Garcia of Chicago's Storycatchers Theatre* as they share their process through performance and dialogue.

Philip Kennicott, Moderator
2014 Aspen Ideas Festival

*Storycatchers Theatre (founded 1984) is a youth development arts organization that prepares young people to make thoughtful life choices through the process of writing, producing, and performing original musical theatre inspired by personal stories. In November 2013, Storycatchers Theatre received a NATIONAL ARTS & HUMANITIES YOUTH PROGRAM AWARD from the President's Committee on the Arts & Humanities, in recognition of its work with detained and incarcerated youth.

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